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Whole House Program

Looking to install multiple water and/or energy efficiency at one time? Start here.

This program takes a whole-house approach to the energy and water efficiency rebates that RPU already offers, providing a “one stop shop” for those who intend to apply for more than one efficiency rebate at one time.

By participating in at least two energy and/or water efficiency programs at one time, you can make your home more efficient and receive higher rebates than if you were using just one program.

The Whole House Rebate Program was created for homeowners who are in the process of making major home improvements and for those making property investment improvements to existing structures only.

Whole House Rebate Program

How does the program work? 

With this program, each type of rebate is assigned efficiency points. The more points you earn, the higher the rebate you’ll receive.
Whole House Rebate Program Points System
The number of efficiency points received determines the rebate levels:
1-6 Points Receives 100% of listed rebate
7-9 Points Receives 150% of listed rebate
10-19 Points Receives 200% of listed rebate
20 Points or More Receives 250% of listed rebate
Note: A minimum of two Energy and/or Water Efficiency Measures must be made at the same time to qualify for Whole House Program rebates. Applications must be received within 90 days of purchase to qualify.

How do the points accumulate? 

Whole House Rebate Program points are accumulated by taking advantage of two or more of Riverside Public Utilities qualifying rebate programs at the same time. The more programs you use, the more points you earn and the greater your overall rebate becomes!

For example, if the following measures were taken:

Measure Taken
Rebate Amount Points RPU Program
Energy Star-rated Dishwasher $50 1 Energy Star
Energy Star-rated refrigerator
* when old unit is recycled
$200* 3* Energy Star
2 High-Efficiency Toilets @ $50 $100
2 High-Efficiency Toilets
2 Energy Star-rated ceiling fans @ $25 $50 2 Energy Star
2 Shade tree
$50 2 Tree Power
Rebate Totals: $450 10  


10 Points = 200% Rebate
Total Whole House Rebates:



Which current RPU rebate programs qualify for Whole House rebates?


To see the full list of residential rebate programs that can be applied to the Whole House Rebate Program, download the Whole House Rebate Program application.

Note: You must fill out a Whole House Rebate Program application when applying for increased rebates. Programs and rebate amounts may change at any time and without prior notice.

Please also note that the $2.00 per square foot turf removal incentive does not apply to Whole House Rebate applicants.  Whole House applicants will receive the current $0.40 cents per square foot turf removal rebate, in addition to the applicable Whole House Rebate Program multiplier. 


By utilizing one, or combinations of the qualifying conservation efforts, homeowners can greatly increase the energy efficiency of their homes and reduce overall energy consumption.

There are also additional Whole House rebate points available for installing compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and window film.  See the Whole House Rebate application for additional information.

Homeowners may now claim two (2) additional energy efficiency points on their Whole House Rebate Application when they install a new solar system on their home. 

Note: There are no cash rebates for these measures, only Whole House Rebate points.

What do I need to do to receive a rebate?


Complete the Whole House Rebate application, attach copies of the dated sales receipt(s), and mail to:

Riverside Public Utilities Programs & Services
3750 University Avenue, 3rd Floor
Riverside, CA 92501

Still have questions? Give us a call at 951-826-5485 or send us an e-mail.

Please note: The Whole House Rebate Program is a residential program offered by Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) to its customers only. RPU does not endorse or recommend specific contractors, brands, products or dealers. RPU does not guarantee the quality of any products or workmanship or provide any warranty on the work or products purchased.

RPU reserves the right to modify or discontinue this program without prior notice at its discretion.


Energy Star ® is a U.S. Registered Trademark.

What Do I Need To Do?
Select the rebate programs of which you would like to participate:
Whole House Rebate Program
Complete the application including all applicable receipts and mail to:
Riverside Public Utilities
Programs & Services

3750 University Avenue, 3rd Floor
Riverside, CA 92501
Download Application