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Weather-Based Irrigation Controller

A Weather-Based Irrigation Controller (WBIC) is a sprinkler control device that automatically adjusts irrigation schedules in response to changing weather or environmental conditions.The WBIC rebate program provides rebates for residential customers who install these systems.


 What are the benefits of installing WBIC?
Sensors on WBIC systems can tell the device if it’s hot or raining and adjust watering times accordingly. Studies have shown that by using a WBIC a household can reduce their outdoor water use by about 20%. That translates into savings of about 40 gallons per day, or 14,600 gallons per year. Additionally, the health and appearance of your landscape will likely improve, and runoff will be significantly reduced.


What are the incentive amounts?
Incentives per qualified unit installed by a licensed contractor is as follows:
Up to $200 per 12-station Irrigation Controller purchased and installed by a licensed contractor.

What do I need to do to receive a rebate?
Complete the WBIC Rebate application, attach the ORIGINAL dated sales receipt(s) and mail to:

Riverside Public Utilities Programs & Services
3750 University Avenue, 3rd Floor - Riverside, CA 92501

Still have questions? Give us a call at 951-826-5485 or send us an e-mail.


Program Guidelines

  • Only WBICs that have been tested by the Irrigation Association's Smart Water Application Technologies (SWAT) protocol are eligible for rebates. For listing of approved devices, click here.
  • Customers must fulfill all program-specific and general RPU program guidelines to be eligible for incentives.
  • A minimum of 98% of the WBIC's rebated must be verified as installed properly at the residential address recorded for installation. Riverside Public Utilities will randomly select participating customers for telephone surveys or in-residence inspections.
  • Metropolitan (or their designated installation verification consultant) reserves the right to conduct installation verification of WBIC within Western's service area. Metropolitan may randomly inspect the WBIC installations reported by Riverside to establish the installation percentage.
  • Incentive will be paid to the RPU residential water customer of record only. An exception may be made if the owner of the WBIC provides proof of purchase.
  • All General Program Guidelines apply.
What Do I Need To Do?
Select the rebate programs of which you would like to participate:
Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers
Complete the application including all applicable receipts and mail to:
Riverside Public Utilities
Programs & Services

3750 University Avenue, 3rd Floor
Riverside, CA 92501
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