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Energy Efficiency Program

It's the most cost effective way to lower your business’ energy usage.

Premium Motor Incentives

Riverside Public Utilities knows commercial motors can be critical to your manufacturing process. We offer you incentives to help offset the costs of new, more efficient premium motors.

If you’re a manufacturer using older motors, we encourage you to purchase and install electric motors with the highest energy efficiency output needed for your business. Efficient premium motors produce savings worth far more than their purchase price for as long as you use them.



Qualifying Equipment:

1 to 200 horsepower National Electrical Manufacturers Association design A and B, three phase, integral horsepower, general purpose motors (1200,1800, 3600 RPM). The specifications for the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) levels can be found on the name plate of premium motors.


  HP  1  1.5   2  3  5.5  7.5  10    Over 10
  Rebate  $35  $35   $35  $40  $50  $60  $70    Call for info



How Do I Apply?

Complete the Business Programs Application, attach any required documentation and mail to:

Riverside Public Utilities Programs & Services
3750 University Avenue, 3rd Floor - Riverside, CA 92501

Give your Account Manager a call today at 951-826-5485 for full details on our existing programs or to inquire about future programs, or send us an e-mail.



Premium Motor Incentives Program Guidelines

• Incentive amounts for this program are based on the (CEE) and their specifications for 114 classes of motors, which are required by the Energy Policy Act of 1992.
• The rebate amount is based on the qualified motor’s horsepower and efficiency rating.
• Rebate amount cannot exceed $25,000 for Flat rate customers or $50,000 for Demand and Time of Use (TOU) customers. In addition, rebates cannot exceed 50% of the project cost. Customers are limited to one capped rebate per program per fiscal year per premise.
• Qualified motors must be installed and in operation at the customer’s service address.
• Rebates may also be granted for retrofitting motors with variable frequency drives and/or soft start technology.
• All General Program Guidelines apply.

What Do I Need To Do?
Select the rebate programs of which you would like to participate:
Premium Motor Incentives
Complete the application including all applicable receipts and mail to:
Riverside Public Utilities
Programs & Services

3750 University Avenue, 3rd Floor
Riverside, CA 92501
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