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Green Action

Find out about our Green Action Plan.


Solid waste prevention and recycling can help reduce climate change impacts as less solid waste decreases the amount of heat-trapping GHG emissions linked to everyday trash.


Riverside is committed, through programs like CURE (Clean Up Riverside’s Environment) and Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful (KRCB), to promote the basic principles of recycle, reduce, reuse. Since August 2007, the City has been implementing a Green Purchasing Policy to promote city purchasing of environmentally preferable products.

Goal 6

Implement programs to reduce waste, based on the 2007 per capita baseline, by 75% by 2020.

  1. Develop measures to encourage that a minimum of 90% of recoverable waste from all construction sites be recycled throughout Riverside by 2015, beginning with 40% in 2010 and increasing by 10% each year thereafter.
  2. Encourage the reduction of any disposable, toxic, or nonrenewable products by 5%.
  3. Expand the City’s Green Waste program to capture 75% of the green waste generated by City facilities annually.
  4. Expand the City’s existing recycling program to recycle at least 15% from all municipal facilities annually.
  5. Explore a ‘Zero Waste Ordinance’ by 2012.
  6. Implement the City’s Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy.
  7. Enforce the 2010 California Green Code provisions concerning construction and demolition waste reduction, disposal and recycling.
  8. Implement the AB 341 program to all commercial businesses and multi-family units of 5 or more to increase recycling in the City to a measurable goal of 75%. AB 341 has been developed to encourage recycling at commercial businesses.
  9. Update website to make it more informative to residents and commercial and multi family businesses.
  10. Increase use of free mulch on city properties.
  11. Increase recycling awareness and opportunities to recycle at city facilities. All facilities are practicing recycling. The next step is to increase recycling at the corporation yard and city parks.
  12. Increase collection of hazardous waste materials in the City by 5% by 2014.

Goal 7

Implement educational programs throughout the community to encourage green practices.

  1. Encourage the reduction of any disposable, toxic, or nonrenewable products by 5% through program creation by 2010 and thereafter.
  2. Develop and implement State Standards based curriculum for K-12 educational facilities by 2010 and thereafter.
  3. Evaluate and implement online resources by 2010 and thereafter.