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Reusable shopping bags can be a great alternative to plastic shopping bags. Here are some facts about plastic and paper bags that may change how you use them:

• Americans use over 14 billion plastic bags annually.
• The petroleum in just 14 plastic bags could drive a car one mile.
• It takes 70% more global warming gasses to make a paper bag than a plastic bag.
• Reusable bags help keep paper and plastic bags out of our landfills and oceans.
• By shopping with reusable bags, you can help reduce the harmful effects plastic and paper bags have on marine wildlife.
• The vast majority of plastic bags end up in landfills.
• Each reusable bag holds the equivalent of three to four plastic bags or two paper bags.
• Millions of trees are used in the production of paper bags.
• Some local stores offer discounts to customers who use reusable bags (check with your local merchants).

RPU's 100% polypropylene reusable shopping bags will be available to RPU customers on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.*

For additional information about reusable shopping bags, visit www.1bagatatime.com.

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