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Energy Audit Tool

Our energy audit tool offers you a free, comprehensive audit designed to help lower your energy use. 

Energy conservation at Riverside Public Utilities doesn’t end with money saving rebates. Our new Energy Audit Tool will show you exactly where you use energy most around your home or business and let you print out reports that offer tips to help you save even more.   Best of all, it’s free.


How to get started:

1. Sign up. When you sign up for our Energy Audit Tool, you’ll be able to login whenever you’d like and track your energy use over time.

2. Gather your electric utility billing history. By analyzing your energy use over the past 12 months, our Energy Audit Tool can get a more accurate look at your energy use and offer a more accurate estimate of your potential savings. Although billing history information is required for business users, residential users can choose to omit this information using the EZ Audit.

To view your billing history, use RPU’s online billing system.

3. Knowledge of your home or facility. You’ll need to know certain details about your home or facility, including the types of appliances and lighting you use and the number of windows you have. By providing this information, our Energy Audit Tool can give you a better idea about how to start saving.

If you’re a large commercial or industrial customer, please call 951-826-5485.

To get started, click below:


Residential Customers                         Business Customers

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