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Residential Photovoltaic Program Guidelines:

  • Customer must fulfill all program guidelines to be eligible for incentives. Systems will need to be inspected by the City of Riverside’s Building & Safety Department and RPU’s Customer Engineering Division before a rebate can be issued.
  • If it is determined through inspection that the customer is not in compliance with the requirements of the program, RPU may recover the total rebate amount paid to customer.
  • For rebates under $500, a credit will be applied to the bill.  For rebates over $500, a check will be mailed to customer address of record.  Customer account must be in good standing in order for a rebate check to be processed in lieu of a bill credit.  If customer account is past due, only a credit for the rebate amount will be processed and applied to the account.
  • RPU reserves the right to determine program eligibility.
  • RPU does not endorse or recommend specific products or dealers nor does it guarantee material or workmanship; acceptance of such is the customer’s responsibility.
  • A copy of the dated sales receipt, invoice or contract must be provided, and is subject to verification. These documents must show project address, the names of both the contractor and PV equipment manufacturer, PV and inverter model numbers, system size, and a complete list of all labor and equipment costs, along with any other costs associated with the customer’s PV system.
  • Customer must own, operate and maintain the solar system for a minimum period of 10 years from date of installation at the service address. If the solar energy system is removed prior to end of the ten year period, either:
    • The solar energy system may be installed at another site within RPU’s service territory in accordance with RPU guidelines within six months. The relocated system installed at the alternate site would not be eligible for an additional PV rebates. 
    • If not placed on another qualifying location, a prorated amount of the original incentive rebate must be repaid to RPU and the Customer would be unable to participate in the Photovoltaic Rebate Program for any additional installations under the program, including any active reservations that have not yet been paid.
    • A building permit and site inspection is required for all relocated equipment. Failure to re-install the solar energy system in accordance with RPU guidelines within six months will result in the repayment of the PV incentive rebate to RPU on a prorated basis from date system was removed or disconnected.
  • Project costs include the photovoltaic cells, modules, mounting or tracking structures, wiring, inverters, and utility-required interconnection and metering equipment.
  • Only CEC-certified PV modules and inverters qualify for this program and are subject to approval by RPU. The approved list can be found on the CEC’s website, and can be made available by RPU staff.
  • Qualifying systems must reduce electrical load at the meter site.
  • Systems cannot be sized over 100% of the maximum historical customer usage from the past 12 months at time of building permit application.
  • Confirmed reservations are valid for 120 days, in which time customers must obtain a building permit from the Building & Safety Department.
  • h time customers must obtain a building permit from the Building & Safety Department. Once the building permit is issued, customers have 12 months to construct their PV systems. Failure to comply with these timelines will result in the rebate being relinquished. Reservations cannot be transferred between projects.
  • This rebate program does not cover PV system enlargements that are made after the reservation has been issued.
  • All existing residential customers are required to have a Home Energy EZ Profile and Audit of their existing home conducted before PV incentives are paid. To show proof of the audit, complete the online audit, print the free downloadable report and submit it to RPU.
  • Production meters are required for all solar installations. In addition, RPU may charge a fee for installation of a NET energy meter.
  • Applicant must comply with all Planning, Building & Safety, and Electric Plan Check procedures.
  • Per Riverside Public Utility Rule 13, each solar customer must provide and maintain unobstructed access to the electric meters, along with pet-free access for RPU employees to obtain monthly meter readings.
  • Contractors must have one of the following licenses:
  • Electrical C10
  • Engineering A
  • Solar Specialty C46
  • Financed systems must have a signed contract and proof of payments.   Leased systems are not eligible to participate in rebate program.
  • Incentive will be paid to the electric customer of record only. An exception will be made if the tenant or renter provides proof of purchase.
  • Customers participating in this program may be asked to complete a telephone or mail-in survey to be used as a benchmark for energy savings attributed to the program.
  • This program is available to RPU residential electric customers. If applicant is a tenant or renter, the property owner must sign the application.
  • Application must be submitted within 90 days of the purchase date.
  • Reservation numbers will not be given for incomplete applications.
  • Incentive funds are issued on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Our Residential Photovoltaic Rebate Program is designed to be in compliance with California Senate Bill 1 (Million Solar Roofs Initiative).
  • RPU reserves the right to modify or discontinue this program without prior notice.
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