Green Rebate Programs
Water Efficiency Program

Reduce your water consumption for almost everything that uses water inside or outside of your business.

Water Use Efficiency Incentives

Working with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, our Water Use Efficiency Incentives can help lower your water usage and cost.



Rebate reservations are required prior to the purchase of qualifying equipment. Earn rebates for installing:

High-Efficiency, Ultra Low-Flush and Zero Water Urinals
Ultra low-flush and zero water urinals provide effective, low maintenance flushing in public restrooms while reducing water consumption.

Connectionless Food Steamers

Water-efficient, connectionless (pressureless) food steamers, which have no water or sewer discharge lines, have recently been developed to maintain or warm food in small- to medium-size restaurants.

Weather-Based “Smart” Irrigation Controllers
Weather-based (“smart”) irrigation controllers provide the appropriate watering schedule, adjust for changing weather patterns and irrigate based on the needs of your landscape.

Central Computer Irrigation Controllers

These sophisticated systems are designed for larger irrigated areas such as golf courses, parks, schools and large commercial complexes. Central computer irrigation controllers consist of a master controller (often a personal computer) which tells the valves in remote locations to open and close.

High-Efficiency Nozzles for Pop-Up Spray Heads

High-efficiency sprinkler nozzles can distribute water more effectively.

High-Efficiency Nozzles for Large Rotary Heads
By replacing your standard plastic nozzles with high-efficiency metal nozzles, your large rotary sprinklers will become resistant to wear and distribute water more uniformly.

In-Stem Flow Regulators
The in-stem regulator controls water flow in irrigation systems at the head. This is an ideal solution for parks, schools, office complexes, golf courses, nurseries and other commercial irrigation applications.

Laminar Flow Restrictors
Laminar flow devices avoid drawing air into the water stream, allowing them to produce a non-aerated clear stream of water while inhibiting bacterial growth and transmission. They reduce flow rates and can help lower water and energy costs.

Conductivity Controllers
Conductivity controllers can lower the cost of operating your cooling tower by providing greater control over your tower’s blow down and subsequent makeup water. And with an integrated pH conductivity controller, you can upgrade your cooling tower water treatment system by adding chemicals that control the system’s pH.

Dry Vacuum Pumps
Liquid ring vacuum pumps use large quantities of water to create a liquid seal and enable suction. Dry vacuum pumps, on the other hand, use machined parts with extremely close tolerances to create suction. Both types of vacuum pumps are used in manufacturing facilities, including medical and dental manufacturing, among other uses.

Air-Cooled Ice Machines
Air-cooled ice machines use less water and energy than conventional ice machines, and make ice more quickly and efficiently. 



How do I apply?
To get your water rebates, call 1.877.728.2282 or visit SoCal WaterSmart. If you need help, send us an e-mail.

What Do I Need To Do?
Select the rebate programs of which you would like to participate:
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