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June 19, 2015
Summer is here and Riverside Public Utilities Has the Tips And Programs to Help You Stay Cool and Save Money!

Summer officially begins Sunday. With triple digit temperatures expected all weekend, now is the time to prepare and plan how you can beat the summer heat and still stay cool, save water and electricity, and get great cash rebates by participating in the many energy and water conservation programs that Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) provides.

With serious drought conditions affecting everyone in California, water conservation is more important than ever this summer.  “Everyone is affected, so everyone needs to do their part to save water at home and at work to ensure that we will continue to have enough water to serve our customers today and well into the future,” said RPU’s General Manager Girish Balachandran.

RPU water customers can receive a variety of rebates and incentives for conservation measures like replacing lawn areas with artificial turf and/or low water use plants.  Additional water-saving incentives include: rebates for installing high efficiency toilets and clothes washers; high efficiency sprinkler nozzles; and even Weather Based Irrigation Controllers (WBICs) that can adjust watering times based on weather and soil conditions.

Riverside Public Utilities also has a variety of rebates and incentives available for its energy customers including: weatherization rebates on items like Cool Roof coatings, select attic and wall insulation, Energy Star-rated windows, doors, ceiling fans, room air conditioners, and select appliances.

“The simple steps each one of us takes when we conserve water and energy don’t really look that big at first,” Balachandran said. “However, when you combine each and every one of our customers’ and their conservation efforts, it makes a noticeable impact.”

An impact that allows Riverside Public Utilities to live up to their service commitments of providing safe, reliable, and high quality water and energy services for their customer-owners at the lowest possible rates. 

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