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May 14, 2014
RPU Asks Customers to Conserve Water While Pipeline Repairs Underway

Riverside, Calif. – Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) is asking that all water customers reduce their water use and conserve as crews work to repair a water transmission main pipeline serving the city.

“During construction, an unexpected issue with a water main was discovered that requires immediate repairs,” said RPU Assistant General Manager Kevin Milligan. “So we are asking water customers to reduce their water usage to avoid any system supply problems.”

Nearly 15,000 customers, mainly in the Canyon Crest area may notice a change in taste or odor of their water as RPU imports water from another source while fixing the pipeline. The utility hopes to have repairs completed within the next 24 hours.

With unseasonably warm triple digit temperatures affecting the region this week, customers may be tempted to overwater lawns and gardens. RPU requests that residents reduce landscape watering and indoor water use wherever possible for the next 24 hours while the pipeline is being repaired.

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