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February 13, 2014
Riverside Public Utilities Encourages Customers To Conserve & Participate in Available Water Programs

Riverside, Calif. – In the wake of a recent state of emergency from Governor Jerry Brown regarding the state's dwindling surface water supplies, lack of Sierra snowpack, and continued dry weather, water independent Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) still encourages its customers to practice wise water use and conservation techniques.

Riverside, which invested in treatment plants and increased production from its groundwater wells over the past several years, freed itself from having to rely on more expensive imported water supplies, like those from the Sacramento Delta and Colorado River.

"While this independence is positive for our water utility, and ratepayers, it is still important that we recommend good water use policies and conservation measures from our customer-owners to ensure our supplies remain abundant," said RPU General Manager Girish Balachandran. 

“Without any rain or snow locally, we aren’t getting the water that usually helps to replenish these groundwater sources,” Balachandran said. Water providers also have to continue to meet water conservation goal standards like those set in California SB x7-7 that requires a 20% water reduction per capita by 2020.

RPU has a variety of programs it offers residential customers to curb their water use, including incentives for installing high efficiency toilets, water efficient dishwashers and clothes washers, and outdoor measures including sprinkler nozzle retrofits, and incentives to replace thirsty grass areas with artificial turf or waterwise landscaping with low-water-use California native plants.  Additional programs are also available for the utility’s commercial customers.

For information on all of the water conservation programs and tips offered by the utility, visit  For additional information about Riverside Public Utilities follow us on Facebook and on Twitter @RPUNews

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