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October 18, 2012
Kill-A-Watt Electricity Usage Monitors Now Available For Checkout at Riverside Libraries

Riverside, Calif. – If you’ve ever wanted to know how much electricity your appliances, televisions, phone chargers, and computers are using and what they are costing you to operate, a trip to one of Riverside’s libraries is in order.

No, you don’t have to spend time researching the electrical engineering books to find out the answers, you just have to check out a “Kill A Watt” electric usage monitor and take it home.

Thanks to a donation from Riverside Public Utilities, there are now 36 of the simple to use plug-in units available at all Riverside branch libraries that can be checked out for up to two weeks.

Each unit is pre-programmed with Riverside Public Utilities’ residential kilowatt hour rate and comes with instructions on how to use them. Simply by plugging the Kill A Watt unit into an outlet, then plugging in an appliance or electronic device customers can get real-time ratings of how much each one costs to operate.

With data from the Kill A Watt, customers can calculate energy consumption by the day, week, month, or even the entire year. Customers can decide whether it’s better to leave something plugged in, or connect it to a power strip that can be used to easily turn off computers, televisions, and DVD players when not in use.

Stop by your Riverside library today to find out more information about the Kill A Watt monitors, or to check one out.

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