About Green Riverside
How Green Power Works

Clean energy sources are all around us, and as the need for this energy grows, so does our resolve to harness it for Riverside's use.

Energy sources are considered clean when they come from natural and renewable places, like the sun, wind, and even underground steam. Here are some clean energy sources we’re already using:

Sun Power

The sun releases a constant flow of tremendous energy, which we can capture using photovoltaic (PV) panels. Riverside is truly a solar city, and with RPU’s Residential Photovoltaic Rebate Program, we offer special rebates to our electric customers when they install solar systems on their property.

Learn more about our Residential Photovoltaic Rebate Program.

Look around the city and see if you can spot our many PV systems. One covers parking spaces at the La Sierra Metrolink Station, and another sits on the rooftop of an Indiana Avenue apartment building, helping residents save money every month on their electric bills.

See Riverside's PV systems.

Water Power

Hydroelectricity is produced when water rushes past specially-designed turbines, causing them to turn and generate electricity. Riverside's hydroelectric energy comes from Hoover Dam on the Colorado River.

Learn more about water power.

Wind Power

Wind is abundant, renewable, and can be converted into usable electricity when it's captured by high-tech wind turbines. Although this technology is somewhat new and the industry is evolving, Riverside is committed to wind power and its contribution to our diverse energy mix.

Learn more about wind power.

Geothermal Power

The inland region's many crevices and clefts makes harnessing underground steam for energy much easier than in areas with largely unbroken ground. In fact, Riverside receives more clean energy from this ancient source than from any other kind. It’s called geothermal power, and it provides more power in our city than you might think.

Learn more about geothermal power.

Biomass Power

Californians create millions of tons of waste each year, which until relatively recently was shipped to landfills to simply decompose. Using state-of-the-art technology, energy experts have discovered news ways of capturing the methane gas released by our waste and are turning it into energy. This clean resource is called biomass energy, and after it's converted into electricity in nearby power plants, it's capable of powering thousands of Riverside homes.

Learn more about biomass power.

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