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Developing Sustainable Communities

The City of Riverside aims to involve the community in all aspects of its sustainability efforts, including its work with Seizing Our Destiny’s Route 5: Being a Green Machine. To this end, the recent Green Leadership Summit was organized to initiate discussion between local community groups and the City to determine the best options for furthering Riverside’s sustainability and environmental stewardship goals.

Green Leadership Summit

Community groups, residents and City officials converged on California Baptist University on February 1st, 2012 to take part in Riverside’s first ever Green Leadership Summit, a collection of over 100 community members, local businesses, nonprofit and governmental organizations, city council members, neighborhood groups, universities, and others.

The idea for the Green Leadership Summit emerged from talks among community groups who expressed interest in supporting the work of the Green Action Plan. After a great deal of discussion, the groups formed sustainability-centered relationships and began planning the event.

The Summit provided participants the opportunity to express their organizational needs and make recommendations about how they might work with others to meet their respective sustainability goals. The Summit produced key ideas involving community outreach activities, volunteer deployment, marketing of green events, educational workshops, and skill development that supports new green jobs.

Moving ahead, Summit participants have begun sharing resources - including time and expertise - and are working together to make Riverside a more sustainable city. This is exactly what developing sustainable communities is all about.

To review table discussion notes and participant feedback from the Summit, download the materials on the right side of this page.

Green Riverside Table Notes
Green Riverside Table Notes
Summit Feedback Form
Summit Feedback Form
Sustainability Workbook
sustainability workbook cover
Sustainability Workbook

Riverside's comprehensive guide to going green. Download the workbook.

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